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What I respect about Covid are the lessons in it

Jan 05, 2021

Covid needs no passport to travel, nor a license to drive.

Covid holds no boundaries.

Covid understands Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Covid loves all humans.

Covid crosses cultural boundaries, “political” boundaries, “religious” boundaries… and disregards all lines drawn on a map.

Covid laughs at all your human constructs and prejudices… your “borders”, your “races”, your “governments”, your “religions”. It holds no “classification”.

Covid is happy to be Covid, just as it is. It does not wish to be a “cold”.

Covid needs no “money” to get around, nor “buy” food, nor pay a “fee” to have a bed.

Covid loves to be home with itself and contents itself to be. It does not “need” to have a party. But it’s happy to go along.

Covid loves to make friends and seizes each opportunity to do so… equally.

Covid does not judge, but it can be discerning.

Covid does not form beliefs that impede a thriving Life.

So dear human. Who is the “smarter” life form? You? Or Covid?

Who efforts more “just to get by”? You? Or Covid?

Who finds freedom everywhere it goes? You? Or Covid?

Who holds anxiety, fear, worry, a need to control, comply, compare, compete… You? Or Covid?

Who flows with Life? You? Or Covid?

Isn’t it fascinating that the human animal mightily struggles with Life, while this other life form that the human animal calls “bad” flows and thrives rather freely with Life.

Humans default to a thing being “bad” or “good” based on what they choose to believe about a thing. And then rarely question how they formed their judgemental beliefs.

What makes one life form “bad” or “good”? Is Covid “bad” because it “infects” humans? What if it is the human animal’s inability to flow with life that is “bad”? What if human interfering and infecting nature with its control is “bad”?

Humans developed a notion they are the “better, smarter” animal. Are they? If you examine all Life objectively… seems like the sea otter might be the “better” life form… otters hold hands whilst sleeping… maybe the dolphin… they like to hang out and support each other in community… or perhaps the hummingbird… who simply chills on a tiny branch and flits flower to flower to feeder to flower and occasionally chitters whilst flying. No needing to pay “rent” to live on that branch, thank you very much.

Covid seems to get by just fine without Airbnb, a “passport”, “money” and any other construct humans seem to invent to “get by in life”. So, are humans really the “smarter” animal?

What might humans learn from Covid? Seems we could judge less, discern more, and learn to flow cooperatively with Life. Of course, that would mean all human constructs being called into question. Let’s start with dropping the false belief that humans are “better” and step into the humility to cooperate with nature instead of opposing it. Then let’s tackle the really simple stuff like borders… oh wait… it’s that human arrogance, control and fear thing again that created the borders in the first place… sigh.

All of Life can be your teacher if you discern the lesson in it.

What is Life teaching you in this current era, dear human?

To put this into practice... While you may not feel called to question your current family, society or religious system at the moment, the one system all humans can question is the system called "you".

Your system. Your impact. How you fight the flow of Life in your life. How you comply when you really don't want to. How you hinder yourself and others from living fully. How you hide in your judgement. How you disconnect from your emotional, physical or intellectual wisdom centers. The constructs you create in your life to control you and others.

Start with curiosity and look at how you box yourself and others in with the "passport control" of your current belief system. And then wonder why you do that. If that curiosity moves you... when looking at yourself evokes a discontent in you and you become afraid of that discontent... lean into that fear. Freedom and joy are on the other side of that fear. If you lean into it. If you want internal freedom. Only you can create that sense of freedom and peace. You will never find it out there. No human can give it to you. No religion, no government, no family, no relationship... you already hold the ability to flow with Life.

The “call to action” part. I heard a comedian once say … “Humans, they’re the worst.” Framing it compassionately… we “are the worst” to ourselves first, and then to others. Most of us don’t mean to be. I help you see your version of “I didn’t mean to”. You (and all humans) learned to control, comply, and hide. I help humans see what their family, society, education and religious systems taught them and then help undo all that so they live freely. First step is to look. And that step can be really “hard” for humans. We don’t want to look. We are afraid of what we might find. I promise you it is both “painful” and “joyful”. Yes, you read that correctly. Personal coaching and a (self) leadership development program are the paths I take clients. If you really want to live freely to end your personal, leadership or team drama, drop me a line ([email protected]) or book a 30 minute slot to explore options: 

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