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The Dear Human Show

The Dear Human Show

Hosted by: Phillip Cave

A playful look at our humanity through the "voices" of head - heart - intuition. Let these characters guide you into new awareness of what it means to "be human". Limited run of 16 episodes - look for DearHuman.LIFE...

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Dear Human - 016 - The Power To Create Your Life

Episode #16

You create your life in every moment dear human. You may think you do not hold the power to create your life and you give it away. Listen in on this episode of Dear Human - The Power to Create to understand the ways...
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Dear Human - 015 - Rest

Episode #15

Rest, Dear Human. Our cultures have forgotten the power of creation found in rest. The Tao holds some wisdom here (as do other ancient texts) "If you want to become full, let yourself be empty. If you want to be...
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Dear Human - 014 - Create The Story You Want To Live

Episode #14

You, Dear Human, are living both a personal and a world story. The questions I have for you dear ones, are ... what is it AND who is telling it? The cast of the Dear Human Show / BlogCast invite you to look at the...
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Dear Human - 013 - Permission To Give Yourself Permission

Episode #13

Hey Dear Humans, Why do you look for permission out here when you have permission to give yourself permission? You are the permission you seek ... it is all right there inside you. Sooooo practice giving yourself...
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Dear Human - 012 - Your Separation Creates Our Separation

Episode #12

Hey Dear Humans, heavy on our Heart is this question - "why don't we get along?". All humans have zero beliefs and values when born ... we learned and chose to separate along the way ... its gonna take an equal and...
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Dear Human - 011 - You Are The Approval You Seek

Episode #11

Dear Human, it is a waste of energy and time seeking approval. No one out here is capable of approving you. Only you have the power to accept your own approval. When we stop seeking approval out here, we start...
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Dear Human - 010 - Suffering From The Inside Out

Episode #10

Dear Human, you create your own suffering. I know you may not want to hear that. I know you may think it comes from other people or the world or your circumstances. In this episode, by request, the cast of Dear Human...
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Dear Human - 009 - Anger, Joy, Sad, Fear, Oh My!

Episode #9

Hey Dear Humans - When it comes to your emotions like Anger or Joy or Sadness, how do you use them? How are they serving you? How are they informing you? What awareness do you cultivate? This weeks episode of Dear...
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Dear Human - 008 - Your Experience Is Running You, Where To?

Episode #8

Dear ones, what if you owned YOUR human experience? What if, from owning YOUR experience you created self-unity and unity in the world? What if, we all became curious about our human experience, took responsibility...
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Dear Human - 007 - How To Never Explain Yourself Again

Episode #7

Dear Human, why do you feel you need to explain yourself? Or, dear human, why do you justify your thinking, actions and results.Justifying and explaining goes away when you live in integrity with self and in the world...
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Dear Human - 006 - Release People From The Prison Of Your Past

Episode #6

Dear Human, why do you allow others to upset you so when you hold the key? The key, you ask? This key unlocks the prison of your past where you hold some people. Your drama is contained in the bottle of your prison...
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Dear Human - 005 - You Are All The Proof You Need

Episode #5

Dear Human, the world we now live in wants you to prove to it you need to drink 8 glasses of water to survive. In case you need proof of my claim, I found a point of view from a Doctor of Pediatrics on how much water...
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