Invoke Your Whole Human

Activate Your Leader Within

To Invoke is to "Call Upon" -  Only You Can Call Your Whole Human Forth and Activate Your Leader Within
I Show You How

Invoke Your Whole Human

Activate Your Leader Within

 To Invoke is to "Call Upon" -  Only You Can Activate Your Whole Human & Leader Within

I Show You How


We Humans Take Ourselves WAY too Seriously.

Life is both "work" AND "play". You create the construct of your thinking. You make it all up. And that's great! Because it means you can choose what you WANT to make up.

What if Life was just Life and you were in flow all the time?

I help you get access to your hidden inner motive that has you "make up" your life. SO THAT you understand WHY & HOW you do what you do - say what you say - think what you think - and feel what you feel. With understanding comes "right action". Action that creates the results you intend to create. Who doesn't want that? EVERYONE wants that! I help you have the results you want.

Download "What Drives My Results?!" Tools to Invoke Your Whole Human & Activate Your Leader Within


Unless you don't care about creating the results you really want to create in your life and leadership, then never mind. ;-)

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Ever wonder how and why you get the results you get? Especially those "ooops" results?

I've assembled a few quick start tools from my "Activate Your Leader Within" program and made them available to you. Turn "accidents" to "intention" like you really meant for that to happen.

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How to Work With Me

I work with humans that are either curious about or tired of  the current results they produce in life or their leadership (often both). I coach the human at the core of who you are, what you do and how you do it.

How you are is what you create. So how are you?

Each link below invites you into a 30-min conversation to invoke the possibility of your whole human and whole leader within.

Your whole human begs to be activated. Will you invoke your whole human and leader within?

"Activate Your Leader Within Program"
"Invoke Your Whole Human Program"
Activate Your Leader Within 1:1

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Meet Phil

Greetings →

When we examine that which remains unexamined within us THEN we create our lives and leadership. It starts with how you hold your "circumstances". You can be the victim of circumstances and you can wonder about circumstances. Which do you think is more "productive"? I help you ponder where you stand so that you act from choice.

Phillip has been a powerful mentor to me. I have always valued our deep conversations - they make my mind consider other possibilities I would not have done so on my own. I hope to work with him again some day.

Tom W.

Phillip is a phenomenal coach, mentor and teacher. I had the pleasure of working with him during a transformation effort. He has inspired me to become a better coach and a leader. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Phillip.

Cynthia L

Phil's coaching has been instrumental in setting and pursuing my own leadership development goals, turning our organization's principles into actionable behavioral expectations, with greater effectiveness.

Kevon S.

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