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You have more power than you think you do

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Humans don't come with instruction manuals

And despite what we say we want, we do weird, counterproductive things that keep us from flourishing like...


Drama text at 2 am

Hide our true voice

Beat ourselves up

Judge self & others 

You don't have to operate this way. Dear Human's "being human" development programs and coaching help you understand yourself and make sense of others. So you can navigate any circumstance with poise and feel comfortable being exactly who you are. 

You are your instruction manual. Learn how to decode it.


Being Human Should Not Be So Hard

It's easy to get started from wherever you are on the journey

Self-Guided Online Courses

Take a self-guided journey with on demand self-guided lessons. Step by step guidance using the DearHuman learning platform, vidoes, and workbooks

Coach Led Group Courses

 Join an interactive coaching small community course. Step by step guidance using the DearHuman learning platform, Miro + interactive Zoom sessions

1-on-1 Focused Development

Give yourself a personalized, structured journey and dive deep into your way of being human to be the creator of your life. Open up to new possibilities

DIY Guides, Blog, Podcast

Activate wisdom, skills and practices you can use to improve your daily life and navigate common human circumstances. Join a group or 1:1 coaching later








A Guided Path to Your Flourishing


Examine Your Current Way

It starts with being your own observer with curiosity and compassion. "Getting Real with Self". You examine your core motivational tendencies to see the how, why, and way of you.

It's tough, but you are so worth it.


Decide Your New Way

Choose. You may not know you are at choice in every moment. Here you transform blind spots and diminishing habits to activate new ways of being, doing, and having.

Create the results you intend.


Practice Your Truth

Nothing happens unless you practice new ways of being and doing. Conversations and actions now produce flourishing results. New ways mean new results you intend to create.

Nothing happens until you do.

Humans live in, and communicate from, an internal world of metaphor. You identify that metaphor by identifying a way of being from what you observe in your examination of self with guidance from coaching, the Enneagram, and/or the Leadership Circle Profile.

Nothing is envisioned, no lasting desired outcomes are fulfilled until you:

  1. See your current way + the impact of it + triggers + resistors to look
  2. Become fed up with the results of your current way that diminish you
  3. Create an envisioned new way towards desired flourishing outcomes
  4. Take actionable habit shifts towards an enlivened new way of being and doing
  5. Commitment + Courage + Compassion

DearHuman.LIFE helps you create a personalized plan to live into an enlivened version of You.


Most people struggle to live and operate from their true voice.

Worry, control, anger, shame, pleasing others or avoiding tend to take over. What the world of humans think is "normal" tends to diminish you and others.

I'm describing all humans. I get it.

I spent most of life blindly operating from a motivational tendency that diminished myself and others... accidentally. Until I decided to live on purpose. 

I'm a pragmatic well-being  & human flourishing coach, and I'm here to help.

  • Over 30 years working with individuals & organizations from tech startups to Fortune 100 companies

  • Professional Certified Coach focused on human thriving & well-being

  • Helped hundreds of humans define and live into their truth

  • Certified iEQ9 Enneagram & Leadership Circle Guide - I use proven human development frameworks that I've used on myself. Thousands of individuals and organizations have trusted and relied on the iEQ9 and LCP to help them see what gets in the way of flourishing. So that they take charge to create lives and teams that thrive.

It's simple to get started. Here are a few ways people like you work with me.

Understand Self + Others

Humans are clever animals. We blindly manufacture survival patterns that take over. Learn to be free from yours.

  • Reveal and transform default diminishing tendencies
  • Befriend your shadow and learn to use your natural gifts
  • Cultivate new ways and  outcomes that have you flourish


  • iEQ9 Enneagram Coaching
  • Personalized Development Plan
  • New Results Practice Guide 


  • One time iEQ9 review + Action Plan
  • 6 sessions bespoke coaching
  • Team coaching journey

Enable Creative Teams

Create flourishing teams with individual and team coaching using the Leadership Circle 360 feedback assessment.

  • Uncover and transform reactive tendencies to creative outcomes
  • Shift common human tendencies that hold you back
  • Practice creative competencies that have you thrive together


  • Leadership Circle Profile Coaching
  • Personalized Development Plan
  • New Results Practice Guide


  • One time LCP review + Action Plan
  • Cultivate Courage Program for teams
  • 1:1 coaching package

Cultivate Courage Program

A group based developmental program where you uncover your humanity together towards mutual benefit.

  • Put your iEQ9 or LCP in action with a team or group
  • Shift shadow tendencies to creative goals and outcomes
  • Shift current diminishing ways to new flourishing ways


  • IEQ9 + Leadership Circle
  • On-line Learning Platform
  • Personal Plan + Practice Guide


  • Entact leadership or operations team
  • Public shared group development
  • Bespoke on request

Many smart people don’t feel in charge of their lives. It’s like there’s a hidden force keeping them from their goals.

At DearHuman, we know you want to be comfortable and joyful being yourself. In order to do that, you need to feel in charge of your life. 

The problem is, you keep getting results you don’t want or intend. You point your will in one direction, then you do weird, counterproductive things like yelling at your boss - in your head. There’s no instruction manual to help you make sense of yourself or other humans. It’s confusing. It’s frustrating. At times you feel angry, scared, or ashamed.

You have more control than you think you do.

I get it. I too once felt drama filled and stuck. That’s why I spent over 12 years in deep self-study, advanced training, and practice to find more flow and ease in my own life. Now, DearHuman.LIFE development programs will help you find the missing instruction manual for your life, too.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose. Pick the program that’s right for you. We offer DIY, Group and 1:1 options.
  2. See. We’ll help you become aware of the hidden goals that are running you without you realizing it.
  3. Take Charge. Once you understand yourself more clearly, you'll be able to take concrete, pragmatic steps to create the life you really want.

Stop being run by hidden goals and constantly at the effect of people and events. Instead, learn to understand yourself better. So you can navigate any circumstance with grace and feel comfortable being exactly who you are.


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