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Dear Human

Life did not prepare you to be an animal we humans call ...  "human".

Examine any human system you have ever lived in. Your family, society, religion, culture and ask - "What did I learn about being human from those systems?"

The honest answer is - "I don't really know".

The more aware answer comes from humans spending energy to understand what drives them.

Why bother doing that? Because it frees you from your fear, control, drama and inner conflict.

What you get instead is wonder, curiosity, stillness, purpose, and "right action".

DearHuman.LIFE is a place where it's OK to be you, just as you are. A place where you ponder the HOW of who you are.

There is nothing more to add to your Life and Leadership - but you might want to subtract some stuff. 

I show you ways in which to see your how and remove what gets in the way so you can be fully and wholly you.

How you do human is how you have your current results - so How Are You, Dear Human?

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