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The World is Not VUCA, But You Are

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2020

“We live in a VUCA world”. If you are in the “agile”, “leadership” or business space you may have heard this a few times and some courses teach this. Here is the good news.

The world is not VUCA. But you are. Other humans trained you to be “vuca”.

We humans have a tendency to blame everyone and everything. We transfer our responsibility into the world. And so we invent terms called “vuca” instead of looking at the “vuca” inside of us.

What’s V(olatile) U(ncertain) C(omplex) A(mbiguous) you ask? We invented this term to describe the “modern world” after the “cold war” and we humans use it in military and business as if something we humans are to manage. Blah blah blah.

Do you want to know what is VUCA - you - humans. The world? Nope. Ask the world and she will tell you she is not “vuca”. She would point you back to your own damn self (thank you very much).


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Dear Human … The State You Are In …

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020

Hey there dear humans! Extending my last post of being Meta as a human, the play on language in this post also comes from my old software engineering days. Let’s play, shall we? Hold on for a moment and notice your reaction when you read this next part …


You, dear human, are a state “machine”. Tune in right now and notice your thinking, feeling and body sensations as you read this. As you examine your state of being, what is it? Where did it come from? What activated it?


From the computer sciences … A state machine is any device storing the status of something at a given time. The status changes based on inputs (stimulus), providing the resulting output (outcomes, impact) for the implemented changes. It's an abstract concept whereby the machine can have many different states, but at a given time fulfills only one of them.


So, what state are you in right now? Happy? Sad? Angry?...

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Dear Human ... The Art of Being Meta ... Human

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020

You, dear human, are more than the human your narrative says you are. You are not your narrative. You are beyond your narrative. You are outside your narrative. You are the one observing the human in the narrative and the human having the narrative.

Ok, with that bold start, allow a brief story and how I hold this perspective...

Once upon a time, in a city far far away called Seattle, a human called Phillip created technology solutions and lived in a world of software. A term in that world that Phillip found useful is a term called "meta". This term was used to observe and describe and make sense of something called "data" (among other things) and thus the term "meta-data" was used.

In technology solutions, as framed here, we have data - something that we collect, manipulate, notice, analyze, refer to, are informed by, and interact with - the content. And we have Meta-data - the quality of, relevancy of, information about, observable nature of the data - the ...

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Dear Human … The Gift In Every Relationship

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020

Hey Dear Humans. Let’s start with what some may call a “radical” or “bold” statement, shall we? I like to be “real” and “pragmatic” here and frankly I think you “deserve” the straight talk.

Every relationship you have now or have ever had is and has been a gift … for your growth and awareness.

I never said this dear human thing was “easy” to hear or “easy” to be with … here is some good news, neither is it “hard”. Humans are good at labeling everything (we seem to “need” to do this) and thus you see a lot of quotes (air quotes so to speak) in my writing to call attention to our labeling as a species.


Some relationships, dear ones, may be “experienced” (or interpreted) as awful, diminishing, hurtful, angry, resentful, abusive (add your labels here).


So that you may have...

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Dear Human ... Suffering From The Inside Out

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020

Hey Dear Humans, suffering is one of those topics that some humans struggle with and so the cast of the Dear Human Podcast discussed it in length and used an example from "being in love". In the blog version of this topic we turn to the Latin ... as we oft do on this show and blog.


To the Latin then, Sub-ferre or sufferre means "to bear from below" and so suffering is an energy humans "bear" or are "burdened" with from below.


The "below" metaphor is also found in some of the religious philosophies throughout humanity. In humans it is your place of "lowness". Suffering is this place of being energetically and physically low.


And here is the deal, dear ones. Suffering is not the same as "pain". Let's turn to the Latin again (yay Latin!), and we find the word "poena", meaning penalty. Pain was something that was inflicted onto another in the form of punishment as a penalty.


Dear ones, when you say you are in pain...

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Dear Human ... Who's Life Are YOU Living?

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020

Dear human when I ask you the question: What is YOUR life all about? How do you answer?


Or when I ask you the question: Whose life are YOU leading … How do you answer that?


I am proposing when it comes to YOUR life that of course YOUR life IS all about YOU. Who else would YOUR life be about?


When you accept that YOUR life is all about you that is the place where you begin to look at YOUR life from curiosity and from responsibility.


Your life is quite literally all about you.


You may be a human that wants to exploit life and resources and take take take. You may be a human that lives in fear but pretends not to live in fear and wants to control control control. You may be a human that needs to be seen as amazing and needs to be loved and so you give give give.


Now, hold that perspective in mind ... that YOUR LIFE is all about you... however you are living it, and add to it another...

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Dear Human ... Why Do You Need Proof?

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020
Dear ones, the world we now live in wants you to prove to it you need to drink 8 glasses of water to survive.

In case you need proof of my claim, here is a Doctor of Pediatrics’ view on how much water to drink that I found published in a NY Times article HERE.


Did you need that proof dear human? No, you did not. Is this me being “ridiculous” to call attention to our collective silliness of “proof seeking”? Yes, it is. Good noticing.


The sad news is, my research took me over 3 days to find and I did not drink water during this time because I was trying to find the proof that I needed it and now I have a migraine.


That I am typing to you in my delirium is a miracle and if I make a typo or conjugate poorly please allow some grace. Unless you are a critic … grace is a word you do not know. And yes, I am being critical in this moment and not having grace for “critics”....

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Why the Dear Human Blog and Podcast?

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020

A few people have asked “why dear human?” or have commented on the impact it is having on them and wondered what motivated me to create the series.


Emotion and Calling.


Specifically, Anger, Sadness and a stance called Compassion.


As humans, we hold wisdom in our body, not in our head.


I propose that our head holds knowledge and reasoning, our body and heart hold “knowing”.


When we learn to integrate our head knowledge with that wisdom, that knowing, that is when we create or manifest ourselves in the world authentically and wholly. And that is when we have access to our calling.


Anger and Sadness is the wisdom in which Dear Human was made manifest. The knowledge and “know-how” that joined that wisdom gave birth to “Dear Human”.


What about anger and sadness?


I am angry at our current education systems that teach...

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Dear Human ... Stop Taking Care OF People ... Care FOR Them

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020

Why do you care so much about what people think of you, dear human? Why do you take care OF other people's thinking and feelings about you?


Dear Ones, people are going to think and feel whatever people are going to think and feel about you, about themselves, about the shoes you are wearing (cool shoes by the way, Manolo's, right?).


Good news! Another person’s thinking and feeling has nothing to do with you. Yay!


"Phew! That's a relief! You mean all this time I was worrying about the feelings and thoughts of other people all for nothing?!?"


Yes. That was a waste of energy and time. Good noticing, dear human.


"Wait a minute! What about "caring" for people?"


Yes, "care FOR" them.


That does not mean they want or need you to take "care OF" them".


Taking "care OF" is not your task dear human. That is their task.


Your task, dear human, is to "care FOR" the planet and Life;...

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Dear Human ... Release People From The Prison of Your Past

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020

Dear one, you don’t know people when you keep them in the prison of your past.


Your past has no place in anyone’s present. Not yours and not theirs. The past only exists trapped in the recesses of your mind. And, no, not like a recess on the playground with monkey bars.


That person from your past does not exist anymore. They may not even like your monkey bar playground, maybe they like a water park where they can surf the waves in a wave pool.


The only person that exists in any moment of time is that person in the freedom of their present.



Keeping people in the prison of your past locks you out of the present and is you being judgmental dear human.


This creates your pain, your frustration, your loss of freedom. The other person, meanwhile, is living their present drinking beer in Munich at Oktoberfest.


Humans create the pain of judgment unconsciously. Right now, you are...

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