"Falling" In Love ...

blog Mar 09, 2020

Of the two core fears of humans, one of them is falling (the other is loud sounds).

I marvel at our language and word choices.

Given, one innate fear is falling, are we saying we fall <fearfully> in love?

An alternative to fear and falling occurs in the world when we shift this to *be someone* who ...

Rises In Love

What would it mean to Rise into Love? Who would you be if you Arose in Love?

From whence occurs this arising?

You, Dear Human.

YOU Rise.

When YOU rise, Love arises (comes into being).

When you fall, love is shadowed by fear. When love is overshadowed, your darkness (fear) creates our darkness.

Consider Rising In Love, Dear Human.

Consider Love only arises when YOU rise.

Consider Love abides in your Arising.

Consider YOU are always at Choice to Rise in Love.

Love is not out here waiting to fall ... waiting to fear ... waiting to fail.

Love is already present in that which is aware.

That which is aware is YOU.

Love is already always present in YOU.

Will you allow Love?

You were trained to think (believe) Love is out here somewhere.


It's not out here waiting for you to grasp it.

YOU are already always that awareness of Love.

Rest in this awareness and ... Arise In Love.


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