Dear Human ... Why Do You Need Proof?

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020
Dear ones, the world we now live in wants you to prove to it you need to drink 8 glasses of water to survive.

In case you need proof of my claim, here is a Doctor of Pediatrics’ view on how much water to drink that I found published in a NY Times article HERE.


Did you need that proof dear human? No, you did not. Is this me being “ridiculous” to call attention to our collective silliness of “proof seeking”? Yes, it is. Good noticing.


The sad news is, my research took me over 3 days to find and I did not drink water during this time because I was trying to find the proof that I needed it and now I have a migraine.


That I am typing to you in my delirium is a miracle and if I make a typo or conjugate poorly please allow some grace. Unless you are a critic … grace is a word you do not know. And yes, I am being critical in this moment and not having grace for “critics”. Ahhh the paradoxical world we live in.


Oh! And in case you were wanting more evidence of how migraines occur you may find that HERE. Johns Hopkins appears to be a reputable organization, or so I am told.


OMG, Dear humans, what happened in our world that we decided we needed proof for everything; that we needed “convincing” or “data” before making choices?


Frankly, I don’t trust my brain to “sense” or “know” anything. I DO trust my brain to reason and make choices for action. It has “proven” to me it does that well. That sensing thing … No, not so much … my brain has no clue how to do that.


Indeed, dear ones I am having a bit of fun with this “needing to prove” dynamic in our world for a point. And that point is found in the distinction of where “evidence” comes from.


As humans, as creatures on the planet, we experience both external and internal evidence.


And with this distinction of external and internal evidence in mind dear human … yes, by all means, collect data and evidence in the world from other humans and human systems when it comes to understanding a course of action such as:

  • how to get a mortgage for your house and be in debt for 15, 30 or 100 years

  • how to conduct a search on the googles

  • what choices to make when launching your business in a new country

Those might be some useful ways in which to collect external data to take action.


The question I have for you dear human is … when it comes to choosing things that matter to you or how to navigate being human … where does the brain get its “data” from?


Well, I happen to have good news! As an animal called “human”, we have the wisdom of our body and heart when seeking “evidence”.


Yes, the heart and body … You know … The very large part of you that takes up all that space below your head. That large portion of our humanness that we are never taught how to collect “data” and “evidence” (wisdom) from.


And, to make it even more complicated, because that is what we humans seem to do … complicate things … according to our western education, because our bodies and heart do not know how to reason “math”, they appear to be “useless” and untrustworthy according to some humans and our education systems.


I reason that this line of “logic” of not being able to trust your heart or your intuitive body wisdom was created by people that had their “hearts broken” and therefore “declared” the body and heart were “useless” because they did not know how to navigate all that sensing and feeling they had in their bodies.


And this is because no one taught them. So, it was “convenient” for some “wise” people in our past to declare the body “bad” and untrustworthy and the head “good” and trustworthy.


Those would be people throwing a mini temper tantrum about their “hurt feelings” and, in the process, screwing up generations of humans. Way to go “wise” ones.


It occurs to me, dear ones, that I have not attempted to “drink” or “eat” a math book, but my intuitive guess is it would not quench my thirst.


I am trusting the wisdom of my body that this statement is true and that would be my head and intuitive sense working together to “know” this was “true”. Just like all animals in the animal kingdom trust their bodies to tell them they need water and that water does not come from studying calculus.


And while my body informs me of this “truth”, my head is reasoning … how many licks of water a Giraffe needs to stave off a migraine. I wonder if the “googles” can inform me of this.


Today Ask Yourself …


Is my body telling me I am thirsty? If the answer is yes, drink some water, eat some fruit with water in it, or some water chestnuts. At least “water chestnuts” have water in the name. After you quench your thirst, dear human, ask yourself … Why do I only trust sources outside of myself without checking in with my naturally given inner wisdom? What is my inner wisdom telling me about me right now? One final question … What is the area of the space that your glass of water occupies? … Your body does not care, drink it.


Playfully Pragmatic …


You are an animal, dear human. You are part of an “animal kingdom”. You also like to have parties. So, yes, in fact, you are a “party animal”. Ha! See what I did there with the language, dear ones?


More good news, dear one … as an animal, you have instincts. Bad news, dear one … you were never taught to use or trust those instincts and in fact in the western cultures, you were ridiculed for voicing you had them.


This is because many current adults, are asleep to the awareness of the wisdom in their bodies. But not you, dear human. You are awake to all of Life around you and in you.


Dear ones, you do not need “evidence” outside of yourself when it concerns how to function as a human in Life. What you and I need, dear human, is to tap into what nature gives all of its creatures. A brain, heart and intuition all working together just like all of nature. Last I checked, humans are part of nature … go figure.


And be careful, dear human, some smart adults today that are really good at using their brains will tell you that you can’t trust your instincts and that we live in a VUCA* world that is so chaotic it renders all our inner wisdom useless.


And those humans are “correct”. Our brains have created complexity in the world, and we make meaning from everything thereby creating even more complexity … in our thinking.


For humans, ALL complexity is found in our thinking and meaning making.


Bambi, the deer from Disney fame, sees and operates in a world of ease and flow, no complexity. Hmmmm, I wonder who’s the “smarter” one?


Good news. Your heart and body (inner wisdom) are dumb when it comes to “thinking” and smart when it comes to sensing and knowing.


The brain is rather dumb to knowing and sensing the world around it and smart in making a lot of meaning … and beer. And this is because the body tricked the brain into making beer to numb the brain and tell it to “chill out”.


Nature gives all its creatures an inner knowing, and this inner knowing is the energetic field of all of life. It exists in you and around you.


Humans call it our “intuition”. Einstein began describing it with the Theory of Relativity. Luke Skywalker used it to blow up the Death Star.


Ants exhibit this behavior as a colony. Individually an ant has no purpose nor function, collectively, ants create the energetic field of “colony” and accomplish amazing feats by sensing the field. Collectively they create a knowing. And, this knowing, this sensing is rather amazing and dumbfounding to humans that just use their brains all the time.


Humans also experience energetic fields. (yes, another reference, I am so proud). Rumi wrote about this when he said he “started listening to the teaching of his soul”.


So now what?




You spent years practicing using your head. If you choose, you will want to spend time practicing tapping into the wisdom of your body and heart to better inform your head choices.


Some ways to practice integrating your wisdom with your knowledge are:

  • Begin with noticing what your body is sensing when you are in a conversation (and, dear one, conversations that take place only in your head count).

  • Pay attention to words you use and how others use language. Sense the energy of their language. Notice their body language and yours.

  • Ask yourself what you really want in Life for you, others and the world. What matters to you? Why does it matter? What do you want to do about it?

  • When making a choice, consult all three wisdom centers ... the “data” ... your instincts ... your purpose.

In this way you begin to integrate all three of your wisdom centers … head, body and heart. It takes time, so give it time and keep at it.


Oh, and here is another reference I found in INC magazine about enhancing your intuition … in case you needed “proof”, dear human.


And remember, drink your water. Your body told you it was thirsty; your brain then cooperates with the body to operate the necessary neuro pathways to grab a beer … what? Beer has water in it.


*VUCA stands for volatile, uncertain, chaotic, ambiguous


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