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Burnt out? Frustrated with work, life, your partner? Wondering “is this it, is there more to this Life thing?” The answer is you are not alone and “yes, there is more.” All of Life starts with the conversation you are having with yourself. All humans construct the reality in which they live. This one time guided conversation get’s you access to the Life you want to live by examining the story you are now living. Invite yourself into the conversation of Life. This is the Core Conversation.

One conversation is all it takes to begin living Life authentically.


What would it be like to be fully “in charge” of your Life? What would you have if you were? What would you be doing? Who would you be if you were fully “in charge” of your Life? The good news is … you are. The bad news is … you may not know or believe this. The truth is … YOUR TRUTH will set you free. Your current truth is found in your current results. Don’t like your results you have in Life? You might want to transform your current truth into your authentic truth. Being the Author of YOUR Life gets you to Live with courageous authentic truth. Pick up the pen, Dear Human.

Create the Life you have always wanted.


“Why am I not being as effective as I know I can be?” That question and similar questions to it are often posed to me from leaders longing to create meaningful results. Another question I hear is, “How do I work with people?” or “People are hard”. You are not alone. When we take on people leadership roles it can seem like being tossed to and fro in a stormy sea of humanity. People are “hard” because we are unpredictable and live in our own stories. That navigation with our sea of humanity begins by accessing the courageous authentic Leader Within.

Be a leader that courageously navigates the sea of humanity.


"How am I supposed to be a leader that knows how to coach?". HBR, Forbes, and books all point to the value when leaders coach their team members towards high performance. Great, what are you supposed to do with that? Learning how to coach takes practice. You don't have to go to coaching school. You do need experience.

I teach you to coach. The best way to do that is EXPERIENCE BEING COACHED. But that is not enough. I also teach you the "arc of coaching" so that you take your experience into action. First step, experience it. Second step, examine the experience to activate it with your team.

You can learn how to effectively coach. I teach you how.