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The Dear Human Show

The Dear Human Show

Hosted by: Phillip Cave

A playful look at our humanity through the "voices" of head - heart - intuition. Let these characters guide you into new awareness of what it means to "be human". Limited run of 16 episodes - look for DearHuman.LIFE...

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Dear Human - 004 - Whose Life Are YOU Living?

Episode #4

Dear human when I ask you the question: What is YOUR life all about? How do you answer? Or when I ask you the question: Whose life are YOU leading … How do you answer that?I am proposing when it comes to YOUR life...
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Dear Human - 003 - Stop Taking Care OF People, Care FOR Them

Episode #3

Why do you care so much about what people think of you, dear human? Why do you take care OF other people's thinking and feelings about you?When you take “care OF” people, dear one, you are saying the other person is...
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Dear Human - 002 - How To Integrate Head, Heart & Intuition

Episode #2

Who put the "tyrant on top", your head, in charge of your entire being? This episode playfully explores our 3 wisdom centers (head, heart and body...or intuition) and the sometimes crazy way in which they struggle to...
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Dear Human - 001 - Intro to the Series

Episode #1

This is not your mother's self help. This series is all about wondering about our humanity and the results we have in our lives. Mostly it is about exploring ... who is writing the story of your life Dear Human? This...
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