Why the Dear Human Blog and Podcast?

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020

A few people have asked “why dear human?” or have commented on the impact it is having on them and wondered what motivated me to create the series.


Emotion and Calling.


Specifically, Anger, Sadness and a stance called Compassion.


As humans, we hold wisdom in our body, not in our head.


I propose that our head holds knowledge and reasoning, our body and heart hold “knowing”.


When we learn to integrate our head knowledge with that wisdom, that knowing, that is when we create or manifest ourselves in the world authentically and wholly. And that is when we have access to our calling.


Anger and Sadness is the wisdom in which Dear Human was made manifest. The knowledge and “know-how” that joined that wisdom gave birth to “Dear Human”.


What about anger and sadness?


I am angry at our current education systems that teach algebra but not how to be human. And our parents perpetuated this gross error in the world as they too had no access to this wisdom. So, we continue to pass on our ignorance of how to operate this amazing instrument of our humanity. Generation to generation.


I am sad that most people I meet, project their worth and their responsibility for authoring their lives outside of their domain into the world and onto other people. No one taught them they are responsible for writing the story of their life. So, we continue to create drama after drama in our lives and in the world.


I am compassionate for our human “condition” and long for a world free of borders in our hearts and around the world. It starts with each heart letting go of needing approval, needing to control, needing to hide, needing security. This is my calling. To create this world.


And thus, Dear Human, the series.


So, Dear Human … what about you?


What makes you angry about your life and our world?


What makes you sad about how you operate and how we operate in the world?


What do you see as a possibility in the world from a place of compassion?


What do you want to create from a place of being fully and authentically self-expressed?


Be that.


Do that.


Dear Human.


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