"No Greater Love ..."

blog Feb 14, 2020

The premise of a portion of this verse in the christian bible is that the penultimate of love is to lay down ones Life for another that is dearly loved. Jesus was preparing his followers for his ultimate giving of such Love.

Love in service to Love.

How does one become the Love such that one my practice laying down one's Life (Love) in service to another that is dearly loved.

You lay down your Life.

And, what Life is being given?

When you are not Love, no Life is given. You won't give it. You don't know how. You have not experienced it in self in order to give it.

There is no greater Love you will give than the one you give yourself such that you become and are the very Love you seek.

The Life to lay down in service to that Love you already are ... Yours. What you *think* is yours. The facade of who you *think* you are.

The Life you lay down is the one that *blindly* drives you. When you lay down that Life, what remains is the Love you are. What remains is the full power of Life.

And when you *are* that, Love abounds.

On this "Valentine's Day" (in European influenced nation states at least), consider You, Dear Human, *already are* the greater Love.

Allow and Call her/him forth.


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