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Dear Human ... Who's Life Are YOU Living?

Jul 10, 2020
Dear human when I ask you the question: What is YOUR life all about? How do you answer?
Or when I ask you the question: Whose life are YOU leading … How do you answer that?
I am proposing when it comes to YOUR life that of course YOUR life IS all about YOU. Who else would YOUR life be about?
When you accept that YOUR life is all about you that is the place where you begin to look at YOUR life from curiosity and from responsibility.
Your life is quite literally all about you.
You may be a human that wants to exploit life and resources and take take take. You may be a human that lives in fear but pretends not to live in fear and wants to control control control. You may be a human that needs to be seen as amazing and needs to be loved and so you give give give.
Now, hold that perspective in mind ... that YOUR LIFE is all about you... however you are living it, and add to it another perspective.

YOU are all about LIFE.

Why else would LIFE bring you into being? LIFE has plans for you Dear Human. The question is, are you aware of these plans?
When you are not aware of Life dear one, when you ONLY make YOUR life all about YOU, that is when we have heaps of plastic floating in the ocean, that is when you experience what is known as DRAMA, that is when you go into work every day, sitting in traffic wondering why you are doing this, that is when we have borders in the world and world leaders that do not know how to cooperate with Life on behalf of humans everywhere.
When you ONLY make your life all about you dear human that is when you think that “freedom” is only ever achieved by controlling, pleasing and hiding.
Dear human, your head, that tyrant on top, and the tyrants in the world think that freedom comes through controlling, approval and hiding, but not you dear human, YOU dear one know that the opposite is true … that security, peace and community are manifested through freedom. Being the Hero of your own life means the security, control and approval you are seeking comes through freedom.
Your task dear human is to be free by being curious about what those plans LIFE has for you are, your task dear human is to be free by being responsible for stewarding life and for shifting from Life being all about YOU to YOU being all about Life. Both are true.

LIFE is and is not about YOU

YOU are all about LIFE

Dear humans, life needs you… And you dear ones need life. Life birthed you and when you do not take up the mantel of curiosity and responsibility, you create messes in your life and on the planet. Frankly, our collective messes of living for ourselves are rather smelly.
So use some soap and bathe in curiosity. Dry yourself off and put on some essential oils called being responsible for who you are and what you create. And be clued in to life all around you.

Today Ask Yourself …

If I set aside all my excuses, if I took full responsibility for my life to live authentically and fully me, if I became curious on behalf of all of life… Who would I be? With that in mind, then ask yourself … What would I create to serve my calling, my vocare, in service to all of life?

Playfully Pragmatic …

Dear one, start with taking an inventory of who you are being in YOUR life and what you are creating. Pick up a journal and write. Here are some guiding questions to be curious about the results you are creating in YOUR life and in the world.
  1. You living your life creates results. What are they? Are the results you are creating serving Life or destroying Life or somewhere in between?

  2. You work at doing or creating something every day. Do you feel “fulfilled” in that doing or creating? Are you living from a place of calling or from purpose or “supposed to”?

  3. You have an impact every day. What is that impact? Are you responsible for the impact you are creating in your life and the life of the planet?

With your journal in hand, go find a bench in the park to sit and contemplate. Bring a chocolate bar with you. You are going to be hungry. But watch out for the squirrels, they know how to open chocolate bars. Especially Theo chocolate bars. I know this firsthand. It was hilarious to watch.

With all that contemplation I want you to consider these “hints”:
When you live YOUR life fully SELF-expressed you stop:
  • Needing to please people

  • Needing to control people

  • Needing to hide or distance from people

When you live YOUR life fully SELF-expressed you start:

  • Pleasing yourself AND serving the planet – Living and creating from purpose

  • Controlling yourself AND breaking down barriers – Taking responsibility for your experience and what you create in the world

  • Sharing yourself AND creating community – Living vulnerably in service to the world

Now go out and please yourself in community!!! Ummmm, that sounds a little naughty and delightful. You know what I mean dear one … Be someone that finds pleasure living your purpose AND being a steward of all of Life.

Take the Drama Out of Being Human

You have more control than you think you do

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