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Dear Human … The State You Are In …

Jul 10, 2020
Hey there dear humans! Extending my last post of being Meta as a human, the play on language in this post also comes from my old software engineering days. Let’s play, shall we? Hold on for a moment and notice your reaction when you read this next part …

You, dear human, are a state “machine”. Tune in right now and notice your thinking, feeling and body sensations as you read this. As you examine your state of being, what is it? Where did it come from? What activated it?

From the computer sciences … A state machine is any device storing the status of something at a given time. The status changes based on inputs (stimulus), providing the resulting output (outcomes, impact) for the implemented changes. It's an abstract concept whereby the machine can have many different states, but at a given time fulfills only one of them.
So, what state are you in right now? Happy? Sad? Angry? Nervous? Neutral? What is being fulfilled in your life, right now in this moment based on the state you are in? What outcomes are you creating based on this state? What impact are you having (on you and the world) based on your state?
To play around with this, consider the following: What state were you in when you had your morning beverage this morning? What state were you in when you came into work? What about when you thought about coming into work, what was your state then? What state were you in the last time you had a conversation with your mum? Your boyfriend / girlfriend? Your co-worker? Your “boss”?
What state were you in the last time you had a conversation with … You? Humans are constantly having conversations with themselves.
We humans have physical, emotional and metaphysical states. You may be at rest and sad. You may be at rest and happy. You may be eating/driving/playing/talking/thinking and angry. You may be at one with the moment and experience sadness, joy, nothing.
Humans often project their state based on the input they allow in. These inputs are your thinking, your speaking, your listening, your visualizations.

Whatever that is, whatever you are allowing in, that allowing in is creating the potential stimulus, NOT your state, dear human.

Sooooo, if the thing coming at me (and the thing I am allowing in) is not creating my state, what is?
You are creating the state you are in.
Nobody out here is creating your state, dear one. No one is forcing you into a state. Your state comes from the inside. You (may) think it is coming from the outside.
As much as you think other people or circumstances are creating your state, they in fact, do not hold the power to change your state. Only you hold that power. You (perhaps) think that you do not. And you would not be alone.

Today Ask Yourself …

What are the results I have because of the state(s) I am in in? If I could choose to be in any state, what would it be? What am I allowing in? What am I intentionally allowing in? What have I resigned to allow in? What am I mindlessly allowing in? How might I begin to notice my states by noticing what I allow in? Who am I giving my power away to by thinking they (or it) is creating my state of being?

Playfully Pragmatic …

I choose the state (province) of Lecce in Italy. I feel quite lovely, in fact, anytime I am in Italy. When I am in Italy, I notice my state of heart, mind and body to be at ease, at play, at curiosity … at pasta … with meat sauce (sorry vegans).
When I teach, I teach people and people systems (teams) to begin to pause and notice the state they are in by being curious about themselves and others. This is done by naming. Naming the space, naming the emotion, naming what they notice, naming their body sensation, naming the emotional field of the team. Naming, naming, naming.
Naming is your tool, dear human, to clarify your state to you and to others. Naming causes you to pause and notice. Naming your state points you to what you are allowing in and takes you off automatic acting, automatic thinking, automatic judging, automatic complaining.
Naming causes you to be aware in a physical and emotional way. Naming makes it real in the moment. The act of naming creates an awakened state of awareness.
An awakened state of awareness allows you to notice your automatic way of operating and the results you are creating from being in an automatic state of being and doing.
You are creating results and having an impact in every moment. What is it? Notice what it is. Notice your state as you are creating your impact.
And this noticing, dear ones, creates the space for you to look at your current state, wonder about the inputs to that state (the automatic habits, conversations, self-talk, places, work, relationships) and the outputs you produce from your way of being and operating.
To help with this understanding of our states and the results we create I think of these three internal moves:

1. Notice (your state).

2. Name (your reality).

3. Navigate (your reality with intention and integrity from this awareness)

Only you can do this. Only you choose your state. Only you are responsible for your impact. Only you are responsible for the results you create.
Your state is your choice. You may think it is not. If you think you are not choosing it, where is your state coming from?
People say things and people do things. You choose your state dear one … choose one that serves you and the world … right now I am choosing another plate of pasta in the Emilia-Romagna state (region) of Italy … mmmmmm … mangia mangia!

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