Dear Human ... The Art Of Being Human

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020

Hey Dear Humans! This series on being dear to ourselves and understanding our humanity from a Playfully Pragmatic Zen point of view.


All the posts in this series have three parts:


1. The Topic (Dear Human ...)


2. Curiosity (Ask Yourself ...)


3. Playfully Pragmatic Application (Try something meaningful).


This series helps you make sense of why you think what you think, say what you say, and do what you do. This series offers a perspective on navigating the sea of our humanity. All brought to you from a life and leadership coach ... playfully and pragmatically. Because being human is serious enough.


Each post in the series asks you to spend 3-5 minutes being curious about you and your impact on you and the world. We live in a world where 8 seconds appears to be too long so I know this may be a stretch for you dear one.


Good news! Stretching, it turns out, is good for the body (and heart and mind). Three minutes for a lifetime of impact ... hmmmm ... you choose.


My purpose for writing these is a fulfillment of a long time calling ... or vocare' using the Latin ... "to call or summon".


"To be called forth" is the form I am using. And so being in integrity with this calling, I am sharing a perspective about our humanity while coaching humans (including myself) in being fully human.


And you, dear human, to call you forth into living your whole humanity.




My want for you, dear one, is to see yourself as fully whole … to be fully, authentically, mindfully, unapologetically ... you. To be dear with yourself and in the world.


Playfully Pragmatically Yours,




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