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Dear Human ... Stop Taking Care OF People ... Care FOR Them

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020

Why do you care so much about what people think of you, dear human? Why do you take care OF other people's thinking and feelings about you?


Dear Ones, people are going to think and feel whatever people are going to think and feel about you, about themselves, about the shoes you are wearing (cool shoes by the way, Manolo's, right?).


Good news! Another person’s thinking and feeling has nothing to do with you. Yay!


"Phew! That's a relief! You mean all this time I was worrying about the feelings and thoughts of other people all for nothing?!?"


Yes. That was a waste of energy and time. Good noticing, dear human.


"Wait a minute! What about "caring" for people?"


Yes, "care FOR" them.


That does not mean they want or need you to take "care OF" them".


Taking "care OF" is not your task dear human. That is their task.


Your task, dear human, is to "care FOR" the planet and Life; including caring for yourself (and I think your "self" is really wanting you to care for it with a milkshake … with whipped cream).


Caring “FOR” is something you do in service to purpose.


Taking “care OF” is something you do from a place of diminishment dear human.


When you take “care OF” you are saying the other person is not capable of managing their own human experience … that sounds a lot like arrogance dear one. You diminish that person.


Taking “care OF” also shows up when you are wanting to look good and feel worthy or manipulate the emotional outcome so that you appear good. That is you projecting your worth outside of yourself dear one. You diminish you.


Your task, dear human, is to think, feel, and sense for yourself. To sense, think, and feel from purpose. To feel, sense, and think from authenticity and awareness. To sense what is needed in you and in the world.


Feel the ease in accepting your responsibility and letting go of needing approval from another person’s thinking and feeling. Feel the ease in allowing other people to feel and think, for themselves.


Feel the ease from living in purpose, living from intention, and self-care while you "care FOR" your impact in the world and do your part to join others in community to “care FOR” the planet and be a steward of Life.


Lastly, some people, dear human, are going to insist you take care of their feelings and thinking.


This is true especially when you have one of those “unconscious” moments in life and fall out of self-integrity (you become divided in self) and are operating as someone that the other person might call a "jerk face" or you are operating from a place completely unaware of who you are.


Nope. Not true. You don't have to take care of their feelings.


Your task, dear human is ... well ... don't be a "jerk face". Your task dear human is to wake up to your authentic nature. AND when you are operating out of integrity clean that up in self first (restore wholeness of self) and then with others (restore the relationship) and tell that person to take care of their own feelings and thinking and create a new agreement from your wholeness. *See Never Explain Again for how to do this.


Sometimes people are not going to like you creating a new agreement from wholeness … and you are still not responsible for their feelings and thinking.


Today Ask Yourself ...


Why do I feel the need to take care of other people's feelings? Why do I care so much what other people think of me? What occurred in Life that I formed that belief? Pause and listen for the "answer" that comes from the integration of your Whole self (body, heart, mind). Journal on this.


Playfully Pragmatic ...


Be fully, authentically, mindfully, unapologetically ... you.


Allow, appreciate, and encourage others to be fully, authentically, mindfully, unapologetically ... them.


Allow yourself to sense what you sense, feel what you feel and think what you think.


Your sensing, feeling and thinking are not wrong; they are not right either, they just are, so notice what they are. Listen to the wisdom of your whole self.


Sense what it means for you to be responsible and care FOR humanity and all of Life. Take the first step towards caring FOR your wholeness and caring FOR wholeness on the planet for all humans and all of Life.


Allow people to have their sensing, thinking and feelings.


Other people's sensing, thinking and feelings are not wrong, so don't be a "jerk face" and make them wrong for thinking what they are thinking … feeling what they are feeling and … sensing what they are sensing.


Well ... unless you (and they) are feeling their leg against yours on the subway and they are looking at you with a "funny" look and a “wink”... you might then want to tell that person to knock that crap off, take off your Manolo's, hold them in your hand, and go check out this amazingly thoughtful person sitting in the next car over, sit down in that car and ... Contemplate what it means for you to feel, think, sense and live from purpose and mindful intention. Journal on this. Try not to rub the leg of the person next to you, unless you sense you both want to, then be responsible for your impact, and smile.


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