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Dear Human ... How To Integrate Head, Heart & Intuition

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020

You are an amazingly divine intricate essence with a remarkable capacity for growth and potential.


Sure, you could keep doing all the doings that your head loves to come up with to do to keep busy and pretend that it means something.


Because all that doing sounds amazing and exciting. <yawn>.


There is nothing “to do”.


What there is … is Life to live. There is purpose to live.


Your head is going to make you “wrong” about this “new age crap” of living from purpose and probably has a voice that sounds like “Blah Blah Blah”.


Your heart is looking at your head like it is a “doofus”, begging to be heard and wondering when your head is going to stop all the “self-absorption ego bullshit” and has a voice that sounds like “OMG, how much longer must I have to put up with this?!”


Your collective inner wisdom is slapping its forehead at the temper tantrum your “adult” self is throwing all over the place in Life and is wondering when your authentic self is going to “wake up”.


When you stop the inner conflict between your head and heart, this is when you join Life in the dance that is all around you. A dance that your head doesn’t even notice and one your heart and inner wisdom long to join.


In case you were wondering, the dance of Life looks a lot like East Coast Swing. Life knows how to dance with style and sass.


Your access to learn how to swing dance, dear human, is through your heart and inner wisdom.


Your task, dear human, is to “act” on that wisdom, take some “Life” dance lessons at the nearest “body wisdom dance studio” and give your head something useful to do for a change.


Today Ask Yourself …


“What is my heart and inner wisdom wanting me to ‘hear’?” ... “What would it be like to listen to my heart and take action on it?”… Pause and listen for the “answer” that comes from the integration of your Whole self (heart, head, inner wisdom).


Finally, ask yourself … “Where are my dancing shoes?”


Playfully Pragmatic …


Contemplation is a great place to start. How we're going to do that tapping in, that contemplation, is by answering more questions.


These questions focus on listening to what you and your heart really want. So find a place in nature, lie down on the grass. Feel the tickle of the grass on your neck. Sit against a tree. Rub your back up against the tree. Feel how the tree massages your body. Or, sit on a park bench and notice all of life around you. Bring a journal with you and focus on these questions as you listen to your heart.


Begin to notice the background of your nature walk and integrate your focus on nature with your focus of mind as you contemplate what you want to create in the world.


How would your heart answer these questions:

  • How would you describe your feelings or emotions right now in this moment?

  • Name three emotions you feel.

  • What bothers you in your life the most right now and why does it bother you?

  • What is one thing you yearn for that you are not admitting to yourself?

  • What if this yearning you have, what if you had it?

  • Who are you being by having it? And, how are you feeling by having it?

Finally, look at all of these questions and the answer you gave and ask this final question:

  • What is it I really want? Ask that of yourself. What is it I really want?

  • And then take your first action towards that. What is the first small step you can take right now towards that fulfillment and this longing in your heart?

Wrestle your head into “compliance” with the calling of your heart if you need to. Eventually your head will “see” what your heart and inner wisdom already see.


Now Dear Human, notice how the squirrels are looking at you oddly and wondering why you did not bring peanuts for them. Bring peanuts next time.


Get up from this time in nature and in your journal, go tell a friend what you noticed. Then go get a cocktail. You, Dear Human, deserve a “refreshment”.


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