Phillip Cave

Professional Certified Life & Leadership Coach. Phil brings his pragmatic real world experiences to his coaching. From startups to enterprises, he's been creating his journey and his whole life. From software architect to startup leader to operational leadership. And then taking that pragmatic experience into Business Agility & Leadership coaching - this is the work he continues to be called to. 

Phillip's passion is helping you be fully human and self-expressed. More confident. More courageous. More caring. More decisive. More intentional. More grounded and at peace with your way of being human.

When Phil pivoted from software architect to a first time leader in his first tech startup he experienced an eyes wide open moment. "Software is easy, this leading humans thing is hard! I need help!"

Through this "school of hard knocks" training ground he became passionate about the human condition. He realized that his leadership effectiveness was found in who he was and how he was operating. Phil asked himself - "If you can't lead you, what business do you have leading other humans?"

And so, just as he had determined to master software engineering he turned that drive and passion to understanding how humans work. Starting with himself. This led to his own deep work to integrate his whole humanness. Along the way Phil studied and practiced organizational relationship systems coaching, 1:1 leadership and life coaching as well as a deep dive into the impact of his core motivational tendencies found in the Enneagram.

Phil brings this deep work to his clients. Not to ask them to do the same, but to bring compassion for the human experience and invite them into what they want and need for themselves. Coaching is a partnership. And so Phil partners with his clients so that they see they have the power to create their lives. 


And this is where coaching comes in.

You too have your version of figuring out how to lead your life and other humans. Whether you be a tech leader, agile coach, or an operational leader, you also wonder how to thrive in your role. We all do.

We each grapple with: Why is this so hard? What makes it easy? Why don't I have the results I intend to have? 

Coaching helps you discover your answer to your why.

You already hold the answer within you. So let’s discover it together.



Invoke Your Whole Human Leader Within

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